Friday, 6 August 2010


What to wear whilst:
  1. sitting around by myself
  2. air-drying my hair into a wavy mess, and
  3. stressing about my dissertation?

Top - Cotton On, Skirt - River Island

I still look quite tanned! I doubt that it will last much longer but it's good to know that the 2 days of sunbathing on a sunny English (!) beach actually had some effect on my usually pallid self.


My newest obsession: Swedish Krisprolls. They're like crispy bits of ready made toast that come in a bag. I'm about to have some for lunch with ham and philadelphia and a salad on the side. They're basically weirdly insanely moreishly good little wholegrain crispy things.


I almost forgot about the stuff I'd ordered online yesterday until I saw my blog post below hahaha... At least I don't regret anything. Can't wait for it to come already, thats the problem with buying online, there isn't the instant gratification that you get from real life shopping. Sigh.

The Alexander McQueen clutches are SUBLIME.. especially that studded nude piece.




  1. I love Krisprolls! This new version sounds delish!
    Good luck with your dissertation! I procrastinated with mine and ended up having to bang it out in 3 days!
    Kat x

  2. They're called "skorpor" in swedish :D love them!


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