Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sushi Of The Day (SOTD)

My first taste of Itsu!

I've always been a bit paranoid of this place since the russian spy poisoning malarkey...

(Although Itsu have since MAJORLY rebranded themselves... I suppose they had to!)

It's really delicious - I'm currently ploughing through it now. Recommended! I actually chose these two things because the businessman before me who looked like he knew what he was doing chose them. Why yes, I AM a terrible decision-maker. How did you know?

This is probably a really meaningless overshare of a post but I don't care... SUSHI!!



PS. Proper blogging and a FULL post with loads of pictures of Susie Bubble's Blogger Yard Sale will resume after my dissertation deadline of 1st September. Promise!


  1. hahah. you got sushi! awesome! looks delicious. xx

  2. i love sushi, i do. best thing is that it's guilt free :)

  3. mm looks delish! and your first post..i agree. blazers are my wardrobe staple! come follow me xoxo


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