Tuesday, 10 August 2010

These boots are made for walkin'

This video is totally irrelevant except for the song at the beginning. I love Sienna's style as well as her brand Twenty 8 Twelve... However, she reminds me a little of the horrible girls that I went to boarding school with. I think she'd be nicer than those girls though. It's funny how school bullies AKA the "popular" crowd think they are SUPAH FLY but when it comes to school finishing and uni beginning, they're always the ones that end up with trashy facebook photos of them smoking and wearing "gap year clothing" (i.e. oversized rags) and tons of shoddily applied make up. I digress.


My Dr Marten Darla boots arrived today and I ADORE them. (Incidentally, my Topshop daisy jeans arrived too but they are basically made out of cardboard and feel nothing like the supple denim shorts in the same pattern that I loved. Returning!).

They are so gawd dang comfortable because the heel isn't too high and the stretchy panels on the side keep the boot securely in place. I kinda get a vibe of those Topshop ankle booties that everyone and their momma had except that these are a little bit longer. They have a padded insole and a rubbery sole and they are just generally kick-ass.

Speaking of kick-ass,

Found in the men's section of a charity shop on Goodge Street.
Do men have size 4 feet? I guess men includes boys.




  1. agreed,, love the boots as well..:)

  2. ahh the darlas. wanted those too but i thought they'd come up at such a weird halfway bit of my (huge) calves..but i see they look great on you!!


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