Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tiger of Sweden

Just wanted to quickly show you guys my new blazer that I tweeted about yesterday, I found this little gem in my local Oxfam for just under a tenner. It's from the brand Tiger of Sweden and its a gorgeous muted khaki with red detailing up the arms. And it fits like a dream!

Don't you just love that feeling of slipping on a blazer and feeling it hug your body?

Now all I need is

a LBD/vest & skinnies,
a weapon/ring
a great pair of buckled ankle boots.

khaki blazer

I die.


  1. The boots are all the same woman!!!! Pick one. hehehe

  2. thats such a cute blazer!!


  3. I love the london top veryy cute and the boots are very nice xx

  4. Woo... would love one of those buckled boots too!!!

    btw, it's Yvonne here~ the girl that bought a pair of white Dr. Martens from you during the yard sale!
    Absolutely loving them~~~

  5. Great find! I love the red detail on the sleeves. Lusting over your selection of boots. Are those Jeffrey Campbells in the top right?

    My Chanel-like necklace is from a flea market, and my other necklace is a heart locket that my parents gave to me a looong time ago!

    Stay in touch. :)
    xx, becs


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