Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Favourite show: Kinder Aggugini

- Inspired by Africa -
- Chic safari details with flashes of GORGEOUS tribal prints -

Spot the Anna Dello Russo cherries!

How spectacular are these flowy tribal dresses:

Swish swish


The calm after the storm

What I Wore

Gap shirt
Zara shorts
Topshop clogs
Necklace from Egypt
Lady Danger lipstick

Sorry for the lack of captions but I think the picture speak for themselves. It was a STUNNING show and despite being about 50 centigrade in the tent, it was totally and utterly worth it.


I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow... I'm so nervous! Don't you find that as soon as you decide to cut your hair, it starts looking good and behaving itself?

I'm going to HQ Hair salon on New Burlington Street so I'll be reporting back on that for my next post :) I've been there a few times before a few years back so I'm interested to see how they're doing. I'm also excited to browse all the amazing products they have in store!



Hello lovelies :)

I took it easy on day 2 as I was exhausted from all the running around I did the day before! I dragged myself and my sceptical other half to his first ever catwalk show...

Simon Ekrelius

- A muted palette of soft pastels, black and white -
- Tie dye hair piled into effortless and loose buns -
- Sculptured shoulders, unexpected flashes of flesh and awe-inspiring hats -

Susie! :) (on the end of the row)

What I Wore

(How I really felt... TIRED FACE)

Dress - Topshop
Necklaces - Hong Kong
Ankle boots - Topshop

After a short browse round the exhibiting designers (more on that later), I finished off the day with a lovely lunch of sushi and a chocolate milkshake. Yay!


Stay tuned for day 3 :)



I headed off towards Somerset House bright and early (sort of!) on Friday morning, excited to attend my first ever season of London Fashion Week with a bona fide press pass and a few last minute invitations secured by firing off a barrage of requests a few days prior. My first taste of fashion week was the Eun Jeong presentation, which I was kindly invited to over twitter by Natalie (thank you lovely - you looked utterly chic on the day by the way!).

The mood at the presentation was ethereal and magical, with delicate draping detail and masterful tailoring interspersed with mind-blowing digital prints.

There were three separate rooms: The first was a small, all-white space with a dream-like projection and rustic furniture providing the backdrop to bejewelled shoes and gorgeous pieces from Jeong's collection.

This dress + the sparkling shoes above = perfect alternative wedding outfit....?


The second room, which (like the first) came off the main area, contained the bulk of Jeong's collection and what a feast for the eyes it was!

I was drawn immediately to the glittering black dress with shoulder detailing and the printed dress next to it. I thought they really showed off Jeong's ability to produce a contrast of styles but with her personal touches running through the designs.

Other pieces displayed a great attention to detail, with clever draping, cut outs and mesh detail. I spent a lot of time in here because I kept spotting little details on the pieces that I hadn't noticed the first time round!

The gorgeous print detailing on some leggings

I felt as if I were walking through a fairytale! The fluidity and detailing of Jeong's designs were shown off by her models.

These delicious and beautiful little cupcakes (yes I ate one! maybe even two... ahem) really put a smile on my face as we left :)


Destination 2: Ashley Isham

My first ever catwalk show! This was packed to the rafters and I ended up standing in my very high heels but I managed to wiggle into a great position to see the catwalk.

Advice to newbie LFW-goers: Don't despair if you're standing - you have the second best view of the catwalk (rather than over the tops of peoples heads) after the front row!


I absolutely LOVED the burst of colour that Isham injected into his collection. The garments were really showed off by the movement of the models: feathers fluttered and fabrics flowed gracefully amidst structured pieces that lent an edgy vibe to the proceedings.

The music was deliciously upbeat too - I was ready to party after the show ended!



WHERE: Fire & Stone, Covent Garden

I LOVE this place - I've celebrated my birthday here and it's ranks highly on my list of date destinations. They do a huge range of themed pizzas that are simply delicious - we chose a mozzarella, tomato and basil leaf starter and the "Canberra" pizza, which had chicken, mushrooms, sour cream, chives and little roast potatoes on it!

A huge thank you to Kit for taking me under her wing as I wandered around with a lost expression on my face after the Eun Jeong show :) Hope you liked the pizza (even though we could hardly move afterwards...)


As the day wound down, I headed back to Somerset house to snap some outfits... or rather snap some people who were snapping outfits! (Hi David)

As I was lurking around, Paloma Faith, resplendent in a glittering golden cloak and a fierce headpiece, strode past me towards the marquee, stopping to pose for some photos.


And that was my day 1! I also attended the Fashion TV "Ever After" party that evening at the Bloomsbury Ballroom which was a lot of fun but I'm afraid my disorganisation meant that I don't have any pictures from it... Sorry! I don't even have an outfit picture... What sort of a blogger am I?! I promise you it wasn't that interesting - just a black dress with jewelled collar detailing that I wore a striped breton top over the whole day because I couldn't be bothered to bring a change of clothing!

Pictures from my day 2 and day 3 are coming soon :)

Also coming up: A newbie guide to London Fashion Week based on my experience of it. Before LFW started I SEARCHED and SEARCHED for such a guide but I couldn't find one. So I've decided to write one myself!

Hope you enjoy :)