Thursday, 16 September 2010

London Fashion Week 2010

I will be at London Fashion Week everyday from tomorrow (Friday 17th September) through to Sunday, either in the exhibition or dashing around some last minute booked shows. I'm so excited as this is my first LFW with a press pass and I'm itching to just get there and soak up the atmosphere. I'm also going to the Fashion TV party tomorrow - is anyone else?

I would love to meet anyone else who will be there (whether or not you have a pass - we could just hang around Somerset house courtyard and people watch!) so if you are in the area with nothing to do, drop me an email on lebilletdoux (at) gmail (dot) com or send me a tweet at and I will be checking those throughout the day. Or just sent me an email and a tweet anyway to say hi :)

Hope to hear from some of you!

Mwah x


  1. I'll be around Boris-biking between venues ;P
    See yas!

  2. I wanna go! I really want to go one day to all the different fashion weeks...>.<♥

  3. What a lucky girl! Enjoy your press pass :D

  4. EVERYDAY! Wow your dedicated! Hope you have lots of fun! I really enjoyed it today!

  5. Im jealous! You damn lucky girl. Have fun there..
    BTW You wanna exchange links?

  6. Tell me about Fashion Week!! Eagerly awaiting your updates :)


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