Friday, 3 September 2010

Susie Bubble Blogger Yard Sale & a VIDEO!

Hello lovelies!

I know this post is long overdue but I've been busily scrawling the last few chapters of my dissertation and just didn't have the time to update properly... and I didn't want it to be half-arsed job! But my dissertation is now written, bound and handed in and I can now give you a blow-by-blow account of Susie Bubble's recent yard sale, through the eyes of Geisharock :)


Here's me, busy setting up my stall.

Kit of Styleslicker and her wonderful array of SHOES!

Lots of people shopping away :)

Kit, me and Fi

Me and my guilty purchase.. I've never owned a Gucci bag and felt inexplicably drawn to this one! It's the perfect size for flinging over your shoulder everyday. Thanks Susie :)


Alice of Alice Point and her beautiful sister.
Such lovely girls :) It was so nice to meet you two!

Scrummy cakes

Shoes, glorious shoes!

Vicky sponge... Delish

I pounced on this girl who had come straight over from the night out before as soon as she turned round the corner. She looked pretty good considering!

Just look at those boots... Lust-worthy.

Shini and I

Drawings of yard sale-goers by the talented Vicky Riches

My lovely sister and partner-in-crime who took all these pictures and filmed & edited the following video for me.

Hope you enjoy!
Please leave a comment if you were there, or even if you weren't ;)



  1. I was pulling out a Versace bag for AdornGirl to view lol. What a great atmosphere it was, thanks to your genius idea ;P

    Love love love.

  2. Ah wow, it looks brilliant. All those shoes! xxx

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