Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Winter inspiration

I think I've given up on the weather improving now - summer is officially over!

But there's no time to despair as Autumn/Winter is the best season to dress for (in my opinion) - layers, textures and colours can all be mixed and matched with abandon - on a grey gloomy day, no one is going to stop you from draping fabrics around yourself and playing with proportions.

Exciting news: I'm going to be at London Fashion Week representing Geisha Rock and have been advised not to be boring and wear an all-black ensemble.. definitely easier said than done, I think! Will anyone else be around? I'd love to meet up and have a chat and grab some lunch somewhere :) It's my first time and I don't know what to expect! I'm only going to one show because work and uni commitments have gotten in the way of ticket requests but I'm really looking forward to just hanging around Somerset house and absorbing the electric atmosphere and people-watching.

Inspirations for my winter wardrobe include:

- Mixing matte leather and muted fur (nothing shiny or long and flashy!)
- Gold jewellery, preferably almost in an antique or costume style
- EITHER a structured satchel or a slouchy rucksack (both practical choices)
- Sensible shoes! (let's see how long this lasts for.. I'm a glutton for punishment)
- Flashes of colour on delicate fabrics
- A classic white shirt

Autumn / Winter 2010

What are your inspirations for autumn/winter?




  1. Which day(s) are you around? I'm there on Tuesday! I'm only doing the one day too...because I didn't request any tickets this year!

  2. Ahh cool, my friend Lee is off to London Fashion Week as well, you lucky pair. And the satchel/rucksack tip is really good. All other bags annoy me, so I always choose either of those options before going anywhere. xxx


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