Thursday, 10 February 2011

sunset sundays

Hong Kong is gorgeous at sunset.
I was so absorbed with enjoying the view, I only just remembered to snap a picture!

I forgot how many free goodies you can gather at careers fairs *fist pump*

The items included in my loot: highlighters, international plug adaptors (?) lollipops, USB sticks, plenty of biros (my favourite sort of pen - I'm easy to please), a mini stationary set and some gum.

I've been overdosing on sugary and nutritionally-void-but-oh-so-satisfying foods recently - must start eating more of those things called vegetables. But who could say no to free candyfloss?

Les Schtroumpfs...

Or the Smurfs, as we know them in English ;)

Had a delicious lunch at a vegetarian restaurant with zen-inspired decor. I really appreciate it when restaurants have both great food and elegant interiors. Restaurant interiors are so easy to get wrong!

A little squidgy nublet of pandan chewy jelly dessert


I'm wondering whether to cut my hair short again or keep its length and just shape it a bit. What do you guys think? What sort of style suits my face shape best?

Brutally honest opinions welcome!


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