Saturday, 12 February 2011

* SWATCH & A Model Recommends *


Thank you to the gorgeous Ruth of A Model Recommends for holding her Kitten Vixen Lipgloss competition and giving me (AKA Captain Unlucky) the rare (and I mean RARE) thrill of actually winning something!

The lovely people at Kitten Vixen actually sent this all the way to Hong Kong for me and I have been wearing it everyday :) I also got my first choice of colour (Ravishing Ruby)... don't you just love it when things work out your way?

This is what it looks like on the lips - a glossy pomegranate stain. J'adore!



... well, they say pictures speak a thousand words:

It's Ruth!
(and my watch)

(Campaign shot by Rankin)

I'm sure that I've talked about Ruth and her wonderful blog before but I'll say it again - go and check her blog (A Model Recommends) and her youtube videos (modelrecommends) out! You won't regret it :)

I have been watching her since the days of yore when she had single digit "watched" figures on her youtube videos and reading her blog since she first started it up and they are two of my absolute favourite style and beauty resources - they are chock-full of great style and beauty advice, glimpses of her modelling career, product reviews, make up tutorials and much much more.

Thank you again Ruth for the lipgloss and for inspiring me to buy a new watch that I adore and that perfectly suits my style (it has been about 10 years since I last owned a watch!). Congratulations on your latest campaign - you look stunning and it was so exciting to see a familiar face in stores all the way over here in Hong Kong :)


PS. No, Ruth isn't paying me. Honest guv'nor! Hahahah.


  1. Ah, thanks lovely! The watch looks amazing on you - I might have to get one myself! Glad you like the lipgloss xx

  2. That lipgloss looks gorgeous and it's nice to see a blogger go so far as well having a new blog to go and discover. xxx

  3. Ah it's a gorgeous watch, white is definitely a great colour choice! The gloss looks gorgeous too. Hope you've been well, you're right, it's been ages since I've stopped by here too!!

  4. I heart lipgloss, that ravishing ruby really looked great on you, lucky girl. Love the white watch, so sophisticatedly charming.

  5. We love a good watch! What a great buy!

    Make sure to check us out!


  6. So cool! Like!! XO Raspberry & Rouge

  7. Amazing! That watch is gorgeous! Will definitely go check out this girl's blog... sounds top notch! xx

  8. Congratulations on winning the giveaway! I love the lipgloss color and your watch as well, it's so unique <3 I'd love to have one like it :)

  9. Loving the look of the watch on you! Loving the gloss as well!

    I was blog hopping and somehow came to yours! Had a good browse and I'm loving everything so far - just my type of read! Folllowweddd <3

  10. What a great photos, they inspire us!
    You have a great blog :)

    Come and check out our blog to and share your though;)
    PS we also have a international giveaway too:)

    from Amsterdam

  11. oh my gosh, i LOVE that watch so much! want to send me one. ;) great blog, chick! keep it up! :)

    love, rach.


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