Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Shoes. The types you either love or hate.

Studded leather loafers, Steve Madden

Wedge ankle boots, Easyspirit by Nine West

I know these won't be to everyone's taste but they have been my staples for the oddly warm winter (ranging from 12-22'C, 19'C yesterday) in Hong Kong.

Back in the UK, more controversial footwear in the form of a surprise Christmas present from le boyfriend awaits me (U to the double Gs).

What has everyone been wearing on their feet during these cold winter months?



  1. Love the idea of the studded loafers, hate them on me. Tried some on today in Topshop and I'm not sure if they look weird on my feet or if they're just like that. I really want them though! Been living in chelsea boots this winter and I'll probably still be in them in Spring! x

  2. With exception to crocs, I think I just about love every shoe equally!

  3. Wooly Toms - somewhat Uggly but extraordinarily comfortable. And they're ethical!

  4. Those studded loafers are super sweet. I definitely love them. I've been wearing Topshop Ambush boots basically non-stop since November. I think I've slipped on UGGs twice though to go to the shops! Eeek, what can I say, they are somewhat irresistible. xx

  5. I'd love some studded loafers but it's way too cold for them at the moment in London. It's all about the boots with two pairs of socks!!

    Fashion Dawgs

  6. Those shoes look amazing and yes I've been wearing Uggs this Winter...don't judge me. xxx


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