Thursday, 23 February 2012


LFW February 2012: DAY 1 contd...

A few snapshots of the Spijkers En Spijkers & Dans La Vie shows.

I didn't have a great view for either of these shows so I only took a few shots for each, sorry! I hope it's interesting to get a peek into my experience anyway :)


Spijkers En Spijkers

Gorgeous silks, cute hairbands, an array of interesting necklines (feathered, scalloped, deep V) and kaleidoscopic prints. See the full breakdown of looks here on the Vogue UK website.

Aren't the blonde duo the cutest?


Dans La Vie

Japanese designer Rira Sugawara cited Andy Warhol as her main inspiration for her "Exotic Encounter" collection, which draws references from 60's American pop art and the spiritual character of a Japanese high priest, "Kukai"

The eye-popping collage of prints and quirky accessories (leopard print fur collars, purple & orange targets referencing Jasper Jones' Target painting) mixed with bold snakeskin garments made Sugawara's creations immediately unforgettable. I loved the rounded sunglasses and the exaggerated curled hair with neon flashes, which added a touch of 60's starlet to a futuristically tailored collection.

last image:

The brightly coloured pop art prints on the stomping models and the super high tempo of the show was such an exciting experience... It seemed to go by in a flash!


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