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Tuesday 17th February


I felt a real flutter of excitement in my stomach as I entered the Vauxhall Fashion Scout hall for the last time this LFW. Could my love for fashion be furthered by this experience? Will I be blown away by the collection? Could this be the show of the season?


Ji Cheng promised a "Zen Awakening", with a collection from her brand La Vie that ‘combines the essence of classic Chinese art with modern Western techniques and tailoring’. Although Chinese tradition was an unmistakable influence on her designs, Ji Cheng emphasised that her work sought to bring about ‘the combination of Eastern and Western culture’.

As an ethnic Chinese who has spent half my life in the East and half in the West, I am fully appreciative of the luck that I have had in experiencing the best of both worlds. I sensed that the collection would deeply strike a chord with my own life experiences. I was therefore eager to see what Ji Cheng, a Shanghainese designer, would be showcasing for her London Fashion Week catwalk presentation.

Prior to the show, the audience was greeted by a vibrant slideshow of Ji Cheng's designs being modeled against a variety of Chinese landscapes and scenery.


I absolutely ADORED this collection. J'ADORE J'ADORE J'ADORE.

I loved that Ji Cheng stuck to her roots with splashes of red throughout the collection. In Chinese culture, red is the ultimate colour of choice. It represents good fortune, happiness, success, luck and joy. It is used in celebrations and to ward off evil.

A dash of vermillion tulle peeking out from underneath the hemline of a beautiful floor length dress with an elegant neckline.

Wide kimono belts in a vibrant coral added a sense of drama to the simple tailoring.

This softly structured mustard and teal bag would be absolutely perfect for spring (no need to wait until A/W!).

Swathes of relaxed fabric, delicate tailoring and a touch of 1920s glamour made this a truly unforgettable catwalk show. Stunning flashes of crimson were balanced with earthy shades of blacks, teals, yellows and tans.

The shoes were starkly basic in design and allowed the collection to speak for itself. They reminded me of ballet shoes. I think that a flashy shoe would have ruined the whole aesthetic.

I was snapping away like my life depended on it trying to capture every little detail: the glint of a silver accessory, the flash of skin showing through a cut-out detail at the back of a top, the structured clutches and the slouchy shoulder bags, the exaggerated sashes and obi belts...

A futuristic fabric gave an edginess to the designs.

The last model, a glimmering geisha-pixie-doll, stopped and stood quietly before the final walk as if to allow the beauty of the collection to sink in.

A frission of energy ran through the room as we waited for Ji Cheng to take her bow.

An absolutely magical collection, beautifully presented by an exciting young talent whose star MUST be on the rise. This was a show that I will remember for the rest of my life.



My front row buddy & I

(I'm wearing the red tights on the front row on the left of the video.)

Well, I had to represent my culture somehow, right? :)



  1. Wow, really good collection.
    I specially love the color palette, and the simple silhouettes.


  2. wow these are amazing designs, love the asian influence


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