Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Susie Bubble's Blogger Yard Sale 2012


The month was August (again),
the sun was shining (again)
and the satay was irresistible (again)...

What else could it be but...


y a r d s a l e # 2

I was so excited to be invited back to Susie's yard to set up shop alongside a plethora of blogging superstars! This yard sale was a repeat of our first yard sale in August 2010 and was similarly packed full of stylishly dressed shoppers browsing the rails in the sunshine. I did feel a bit like the shy little kid in the corner of the playground at first but we all ended up wandering around and chatting so much that there was often confusion amongst the yard sale goers as to who they needed to pay... Oops :)

Milly Blue's acoustic set (being photographed by an adorable little boy!)

Steve of Style Salvage rustling up some mean chicken satay.

My darling sister representing team Geisha Rock with her gooey delicious homemade brownies...

The best ever marketing campaign for my blog!

A rare moment where some satay was actually still left - it kept getting gobbled up!


Two happy customers.

Susie's amazing Balenciaga pants waiting for a lucky new owner.

My gorgeous trio of friends who stopped by to give their support. Love you guys!

Jen of Style Crusader who I was so excited to meet as I ADORE her blog and her laid-back style.

Nathan of The Provoker. Wearing a Givenchy sharktooth necklace, JC platform studded creepers AND a forest green PS11?! This guy is the real deal :) and he's a real sweetheart too.

Shini of Park & Cube and Charlie May of Girl a la Mode (who is showing her collection this LFW!)

Hedwig in her D&G booties - aren't they gorgeous?!

Our amazing host, Susie of Style Bubble.

My top is from Forever 21, the dress underneath is Topshop, my espadrilles are Havaianas and I bought my boater hat whilst punting in Oxford.

t h a n k y o u s

A huge huge HUGE thank you to Susie for letting us all invade her yard and for being the most gracious host in the world, providing us all with delicious satay and equally delicious bargains!

Thank you to Shini, Louisa, Kit, Jen and Hedwig for being such all-round awesome people and for inviting me along on a much-needed coffee break.

& Thank you so much to everyone who came. It was so lovely to meet you all and I hope that you enjoy all your purchases :) If you're reading this now, please say hi in the comments and leave your blog addy (if you have one) for me to check out!

Friday, 10 August 2012

A Bloggers Yard Sale courtesy of Susie Bubble

So excited that this is happening again!

Readers, I would love to see you there.

Fingers crossed I might be there with a few goodies to sell myself :)