Friday, 5 October 2012

LOVES: Music - Food - Lifestyle - Shopping

1. MUSIC: Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars

A beautiful atmospheric song perfect for closing your eyes and relaxing to.

2. LIFESTYLE: Treasure yourself

I've been watching a lot of videos of Miranda Kerr recently and I've been inspired by her positive and calm attitude to life and by her wholesome beauty - Definitely one of my favourite models. I can't wait until I can order this book from Amazon (not in stock ATM) but it's available from the KORA website too.

In this busy day and age, it's easy to forget to just treasure yourself so take this as a reminder to keep up a healthy and nurturing attitude and to make time to refocus and renew yourself.

3. FOOD: Avocado on toast

I've been treating myself with a LOT of avocado toast - one of my favourite indulgent lunches/snacks. I roughly chop my avocado and add lemon juice, grainy mustard, salt and pepper and (optional) a bit of chopped tomato or coriander if you're feeling in a salsa sort of mood. Spread generously on buttered toast and enjoy :)

4. SHOPPING: Online!

Nothing better than the amazing choice of online shops that the internet has to offer if you're feeling too weak to browse in person. I happily took advantage of the Motel Rocks website whilst bedridden and picked up this Zena Bodycon Mini Dress in Gothic Placement Print (runs a size small)...

and these go-with-anything Donella High Waist Skinny Pants in Black (run true to size)

What have you been loving recently?


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