Monday, 23 September 2013

London Fashion Week 2013 (#LFW2013) PART 3: BLOGGER LOVE


As I tweeted about on the day - I think I was more excited to meet some of my favourite bloggers on a chilly  September evening wandering around Somerset House than I was to actually attend the Mark Fast show!

Mesmerised by Zoe of The London Lipgloss' awesome blue hair
Fangirling Lily of LLYMLRS

It is the best experience ever to meet the creators of the blogs I read in real life - they are always super lovely and humble and willing to take as many bloggery pictures together as you want! Scott was so polite and funny - he joked about my hat blocking my pop up flash when I was snapping away at him. Zoe was so bubbly and friendly and her hair looks even more awesome in real life.

I was SO excited to meet Lily whose blog I take the biggest inspiration from (fashion, beauty, lifestyle)  - I check it every day and had read her latest post the same morning I met her! I absolutely love her style and she was such a sweetheart, asking for my blog card and joking about her amazing braided hairdo (courtsey of Toni & Guy).

It was truly lovely to meet you all!

Bloggers are such a contrast to some of the people I have met at LFW. I remember talking to a peacocking fashion somebody sitting with me on the front row who loudly declared "oh my gawdd don't you just hate how all these BLOGGERS think they can attend shows and sit on the front row when they don't even maaatter!". Little did she know, she was speaking to a blogger sitting on the front row! ;) #irony


I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my #LFW2013 experience... Roll on February 2014!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

London Fashion Week 2013 (#LFW2013) PART 2: Mark Fast S/S14 catwalk show

lfw london fashion week mark fast

Mark Fast S/S14, what a cool show - The hair was grungy and punky and the lips were all a glossy petrol black and it all felt very Erin Wasson crossed with a goth Andy Warhol, kicked in the side with a shot of trance, dance, angst and acid.

Mark Fast is well known for making knitwear look totally rad (dude) & modern and he didn't disappoint with his 90s inspired collection for S/S14. Feather accents, intricate woven detail and everything from matching separates to full length showstoppers were all grounded by a grey & fluoro highlighter yellow colour theme throughout.

I'd love to see Kristen Stewart in this whole collection - it is definitely her vibe!

The makeup was created by bareminerals (I know, what?!) whose International Make-up Artist Sarah-Jane Froom said: 'The inspiration was Marilyn Manson, both gothic and punky. 'The skin is dewy and fresh with a light, bright eye.' The lips were created using a greeny purple glossy tint.

The hair was created by TIGI and celebrated the spirit of youth, someone who has been out partying all night and is ready to go all over again. Nick Irwin, TIGI Global Creative Director said that "The Mark Fast look pays homage to true Goths. The girl is strong, powerful, and confident with hair that's effortless and lived. Each jet-black synthetic wig has been razored and shaped uniquely to suit the models face.  The gothic-muse has been partying out all night, everything about her shouts anti-structural and anti-clean!"

Thank you to Richard for the ticket. It was the bomb-diggity.

Any favourite shows from LFW?


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

London Fashion Week 2013 (#LFW2013) PART 1: Somerset House

uk fashion blogger outfit of the day lfw

A few London Fashion Week snapshots to get this series of 3 posts going, these are from the area around the Somerset House showroom. I felt super lucky to have snagged a ticket to a show (more in the next post) but I actually enjoy just hanging around Somerset House and snapping away whilst the fashion circus goes on all around me. It's always such a buzz and there is ALWAYS someone interesting to look at.

I absolutely love the last picture of the girl with that patterned coat and mini veil - there were plenty of peacocks around but she was very low key and I might have just walked by her if I hadn't noticed the sprinkling of polka dots.

If you're ever in London during LFW, try and get in on the action and hang around Somerset House to get a peek into that hallowed fashion cave.

See ya'll soon - Show update to come!