Wednesday, 18 September 2013

London Fashion Week 2013 (#LFW2013) PART 1: Somerset House

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A few London Fashion Week snapshots to get this series of 3 posts going, these are from the area around the Somerset House showroom. I felt super lucky to have snagged a ticket to a show (more in the next post) but I actually enjoy just hanging around Somerset House and snapping away whilst the fashion circus goes on all around me. It's always such a buzz and there is ALWAYS someone interesting to look at.

I absolutely love the last picture of the girl with that patterned coat and mini veil - there were plenty of peacocks around but she was very low key and I might have just walked by her if I hadn't noticed the sprinkling of polka dots.

If you're ever in London during LFW, try and get in on the action and hang around Somerset House to get a peek into that hallowed fashion cave.

See ya'll soon - Show update to come!


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