Monday, 18 August 2014

A Hong Kong Christmas #1 (The Eating One)

Hello lovelies,

Sorry for the long absence. Life got in the way but I'm in a new shiny flat and feeling great in the first month of an exciting new job. I've been itching to jump back into a blogging schedule - So, here I am!

I spent last Christmas (yes, I'm that far behind - bear with me!) in Hong Kong where I shopped 'til I dropped, cherished time with my family and generally ate my way through the entire island.

Good times.

Spices Restaurant, Causeway Bay

An old favourite - I've been coming here since I was about 5 years old! The satay is to die for.


Old meets new in Quarry Bay.

 I met my heavily pregnant friend (that's her in the tartan) and we feasted on bagels bursting with fresh ingredients.

Samurai Okonomiyaki, Granville road

We peered round into a little alleyway and came across this stall selling japanese food. The owner was ecstatic to see us and ushered us into 4 of the 6 seats he had before bringing out little samples that he cooked right there on the spot. The wagyu beef cubes............... just WOW.


The Dining Room

A little gem at the top of Hysan Mall, a gargantuan building in Causeway Bay groaning with shops, food courts and good eats that has sprung out of nowhere. Drop by for the fluffy pork dumplings (the ones that come snuggled in a sweet soft dough with a crispy bottom) & their cute dessert platter.


'Til next time, 再见! :)


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